The environment is a palace for the Queen Mother of the West, a mysterious figure from the ancient Chinese book, the Classic of Mountains and Seas. The book is a simple text and illustrated travelogue which contains lots of relevant information from ancient Chinese history. It covers a comprehensive number of subjects related to China's natural elements and folklore. Many of the mythological stories included in the book are based around the ancient civilization's interpretations of natural phenomena. These natural phenomena are then explained through the lens of their cultural background.
Throughout thousands of years of Oral Tradition, many artists have told and retold these stories in their adaptive interpretations for their contemporary audiences. This process may not maintain the original metaphors but keeps the stories and their messages relevant to the objectives. It can also generate an unintentional result that is more interesting than the original.
Taking the referencing painting from the Ming dynasty, the goal is to create the 3d version of the painting and reimagine how artists from hundreds of years ago would depict the mysterious figure from their point of view.



The main inspiration is the painting from the Ming dynasty(1368 to 1644 AD.) called The Peach Festival of the Queen Mother of the West. The painting depicts the Queen Mother's palace that holds the banquet on the third day of March in the lunar calendar. According to different periods, numerous transformations for the impression of divinities usually occurred over the long history for the adapting factors, such as the changes of religion, social conditions, the influence of collective consciousness and self-consciousness, and cultural exchange. The Queen Mother has turned from an impression of bestial characteristics to a young and elegant beauty.