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VSFX 775 Studio II - Unit 1

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

This blog threshold means to be documented the progress for my Spring quarter class VSFX 775 Studio II in SCAD which is the progress of my MFA thesis. Since the COVID-19 situation, all the courses are now performing virtually via the internet. So here, I'll be posting my thesis progress to fulfill my course requirement and also self-documented. (The brief introduction of my thesis will be added soon.)

Unit 1 (3/30/2020 – 4/3/2020) The first week of the Spring quarter of 2020. I'm very excited to begin the new quarter. Even though it's not our choice to take the online classes and I'd never taken any online classes before, it's quite a valuable experience for me. The one main thing for me in this quarter is to work on my thesis, either the writing or the visual components. Honestly, I haven't worked too much on my thesis since the last quarter when I passed my thesis review. My plan was using the Unreal class that I'm taking this quarter too to do one of my thesis environment. But after rethought the COVID-19 situation which churning out my spring and summer schedule, I decided to put more time on the background research of my environments before I dive too deep into the actual works. Here is a couple of things that I'd done this week. After talking to Professor Ilardi, for this quarter, I'm going to invest 80-90% of the time for background research for my environments and writing them down to be my paper. 10-20% for my visual components which will be mainly focusing on blocking out three of my environments based on the researches. And the Gantt sheet will also be adjusted based on this new schedule. The second thing is to decide which render engine should be used for which environment. The render engine options are Unreal - RealTime rendering, Maya - Arnold and Maya Redshift, and the tree environments are Fusang, The Queen Mother of the West and the Torch Dragon. From the most to the less familiarity of each engine is Arnold > Unreal > Redshift. Especially for Redshift, I only touch the surface of it since the VSFX 752 - 3-D Color, Lighting and Rendering by Professor Bridget Gaynor. So I decided to assign in the way based on the complexity of the scene. I'll use Unreal for the Queen Mother of the West since this one has a wider range of the landscape and could use lots of modularity. Maya Arnold will be used for the Torch Dragon and Redshift will be used for the Fusang because this environment is more focused on the hero asset which is the Fusang tree itself. The last thing is to finish reading Professor Ilardi's thesis paper. I'm already almost halfway through his paper. As much as I read right now, I can see there are lots of back up reaches to stand for each point or argument. This also brought up my question which is how should determine the amount of backup researches should take into account. The answer will be depended on the common understanding of the general public. If the topic is quite unique, then it probably needs more explications or case studies. This also reminds me of when Professor Ilardi advised us how to present the thesis review, which I should present as I'm explaining to my mom. So in the future, when I need to do some backup researches, I'll try to use this example. Thank mom to be a general public! :D For the next week unit 2 (4/4/2020 – 4/8/2020), I'll be working on one main thing that I want to deliver to Professor Ilardi. I think I wanna finish the background setting research of the book, Classic of Mountains and Seas, which is three of my environments originally from. This will cover the introduction of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, religion, geography-related topic and so on so forth. Finally, hope everybody is safe and sounds at this very moment. Peace out!

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