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VSFX 775 Studio II - Unit 3

Unit 3 (4/9/2020 – 4/13/2020)

For this unit, I was working on refining my thesis statement. Here is the last version of the thesis statement.

The ancient Chinese book, Classic of Mountains and Seas, is a simple text and illustrated travelogue which contains lots of relevant information from ancient Chinese history. It covers a comprehensive number of subjects related to China's natural elements and folklore. Many of the mythological stories included in the book are based around the ancient civilization's interpretations of the natural phenomena that took place around them, explained through the lens of their own cultural background.(break it down?)

Throughout thousands of years of Oral Tradition, many artists have told and retold these stories. and provided some of their perspective and details, which has made the stories not maintain the original intention, making the stories both traditional and timeless

By referencing the original book, earlier Chinese artists, and incorporating my personal perspective, this thesis will create environments in a realistic and surrealistic style in order to reimagine the Oral Tradition and recreate artworks that are more interesting and compelling than the originals.

During the discussion with Professor, one of the possible changes could be using three interpretations for each environments.

One of the environments could use my personal input to reshape the scene, one could reference earlier Chinese artists artwork and the last one could totally reference the original content from the book.

Before the Wed of unit 4, I'll be mainly working the introduction section and using the rest of the week to work on visual blockout of the scene.

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