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VSFX 775 Studio II - Unit 6

Updated: May 7, 2020

For the unit 6, I was working on the thesis outline. Here is the quick look of the outline.

List of Figures

1. Introduction

1.1. Abstract

1.2. Thesis Statement

1.3. Conserving History

1.3.1. The Evolution of Passing Knowledge

1.3.2. Creativity Misunderstanding

2. Literature Review

3. Background

3.1. Classic of Mountains and Seas

3.2. Religion in the Ancient Time

4. Key Discussions

4.1. Fusang

4.2. Queen Mother of the West

4.2.1. Oracle Inscription

4.2.2. Original Description from the Book

4.2.3. The Impression Transformation

4.2.4. Interpretation from Early Chinese Artist

4.3. Torch Dragon

5. Technological Approaches

5.1. Thesis Production (workflow)

5.2. Fusang

5.3. Queen Mother of the West

5.3.1. Analyzing the Painting

5.3.2. Modularity Highlighting

5.3.3. Scaling

5.3.4. Architectural Aesthete

5.3.5. Blockout Testing

5.3.6. Set Dressing the Level

5.3.7. Texturing

5.3.8. Lighting and Atmosphere

5.3.9. Rendering

5.4. Torch Dragon

6. Conclusions

7. Appendix

8. Bibliography

Next, I'll be working on the Literature Review. For this, I'll use the book, Chinese Mythology: An Introduction by Birrell, Anne for the general background of the book. Also, I'll be looking for books that supports the Great Ming dynasty architecture style.

For the visual, I was testing the modularity in Unreal engine. The proportion and the scale is working good right now.

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